Radek, Accounting Team Leader

at METRO Global Solution Center since 2012

Get to know Radek's story!

During my studies I worked in the METRO Group, in particular in the Makro Cash & Carry store in Szczecin. My duties included delivery of goods, customer service and sales at the checkout. At the time, I never thought that one day I would work at METRO Global Solution Center and do completely different things.

The start of METRO Global Solution Center (formerly METRO SERVICES) in Szczecin coincided with the completion of my studies. A few days after defending my master's thesis, I received an invitation to an interview and was accepted into the position of Junior Accountant in the GA section. After a short time, I moved to the receivables department, where I performed accounting tasks mainly for MAKRO Polska, and later also METRO Cash & Carry in Turkey, Spain and Portugal. Over time, as my team grew and I was getting more and more new tasks, I was promoted to new positions as part of the existing development path.

Later, I faced the biggest challenge, which was participation in the migration project of METRO Cash & Carry and Real processes in Germany. At that time I was also promoted to the position of Team Leader and coordinated the team, which at the beginning consisted of 3 people, and when we finished the project there were 20 people. I was building this team, learning processes, gaining experience. Then I was delegated to a very important, strategic project for the METRO Group and moved from the position of Team Leader to the position of Senior Process Expert. Most recently I returned to the management position and now work as Head of the Accounting Team.

For me, working at METRO Global Solution Center means continuous development and most importantly gives me the opportunity to face new challenges! As they say: "No matter what happens, no matter how far you seem to be away from where you want to be, never stop believing that you will somehow make it" 🙂