Szczecin lies where the Odra river flows into the bay

Szczecin in Europe

Szczecin is only 140 kilometres from Berlin, 265 from Poznan, 363 from Wrocław, 467 from Copenhagen, 499 from Prague, 565 from Warsaw and 1058 from Oslo. Contrary to common belief, Szczecin does not lie on the sea – but only 80 kilometres separate it from the beaches of the Baltic.

Szczecin is the historical capital of the Pomeranian Princedom, whose western section, together with Rugen island, is now part of Germany. It is the largest city of the Euro-region Pomerania.

Living in Szczecin, you can easily discover Europe – travelling on land, by air, and even by sea! Flight connections form Szczecin-Goleniów airport include such cities as: Warsaw, Dublin, Liverpool, London Stansted, London Luton, Oslo, Stavanger

From nearby Świnoujście there are ferries to Sweden – to Ystad and Trelleborg. Through Sweden you can also go to Denmark, on the Świnoujście – Copenhagen line.


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Szczecin offers a wide range of cultural places


Szczecin offers a wide range of cultural places like beautiful Philharmonic or the oldest cinema in the world.

Szczecin - Emerald Lake


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Szczecin Floating Arena Pool


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Life in Szczecin

Apartments in Szczecin


Szczecin’s real estate market offers a wide range of places to rent – one- or two-room, of various prices and standards. Costs are comparable to those of Poznan and lower than those of Wrocław or Warsaw. New residents of Szczecin gladly move into the low blocks of the green district of Pogodno, towers of the university district of Gumience, or the traditional tenement buildings near the centre. From any of these areas one can easily get to the METRO offices.

Costs of living in Szczecin are moderate

Cost of Living

Szczecin is friendly to its residents’ wallets. The cost of living is about average for the rest of the country – one person is able to reside, eat and get around the city for 1500-2000 PLN. A monthly bus/tram ticket for all routes costs 100 PLN, and on ‘Cheap Tuesday’ you can go to some cinemas for 14 PLN. For coffee in popular café-chains you’ll pay, unfortunately, as much as elsewhere… however, it’s worth visiting the cozy, locally-run cafes!

Public transport in Szczecin

Local transport

Szczecin’s network of bus and tram routes allows one to get to many places, and is constantly being expanded. You’ll find the latest information on The long-awaited Szczecin Rapid Tram, connecting the two sides of the Odra river, is expected to start running before the end of the year. Car traffic runs rather smoothly (our traffic jams are nothing compared to those in Warsaw or Poznan!), and a large amount of greenery and clean air in the city encourage going for walks.

City bikes in Szczecin

City bike

In warmer months of the year, the residents of Szczecin can take advantage of an alternative form of transport in the city: since recently our more active residents can make use of Szczecin City Bikes in the period from March to December! There are more and more stations where a bike can be borrowed or returned, and you can find them on the map here. Bicycles have become very popular – Szczecin residents are happy to take advantage of this healthy and environmentally-friendly mode of transport.

Government offices in Szczecin

Government Offices

Most of the institutions necessary for official matters are in the city centre. The City Hall (Urząd Miasta) is located in the heart of Jasne Błonia on Plac Armii Krajowej, and nearby – the building of Tax Office No. 2 (II Urząd Skarbowy) on ul. Felczaka. You’ll find Tax Office No. 1 near Brama Portowa at ul. Drzymały 5, and Tax Office Nr 3 in the Prawobrzeże district, on ul. Rydla. You can get your passport made in the building of the Regional Government Office (Urząd Wojewódzki) along the picturesque Wały Chrobrego.

Business in Szczecin


For a number of years, business has been dynamically developing in Szczecin. Currently there are over 67 thousand companies operating here! The city boasts modern office complexes, and total office area reaches 80,000 m2. There are more than 20 companies operating in the SSC/BPO/ITO sector. Outsourcing centres and related services offer services in more than ten foreign languages. Szczecin is attracting more and more people from other regions of Poland and abroad – one can increasingly make use of language skills and obtain international experience.

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