For a company such as METRO is extremely important to do business in the correct manner, meaning to stick to national and international legislation as well as regulations and of course to act in accordance to the internal code of conduct. This means for us, as METRO employees, to act always simply right - in the way that make us able to safeguard the interests of our customers and the interests of METRO, protect our employees from harm.

Compliance, firmly established in the company culture of METRO, is also an integral part of organizational culture of METRO Global Solution Center. An existing in METRO Compliance Programme has been set up to support all employees in complying with relevant laws, regulations and standards of conduct. For this purpose, clearly defined measures were established. Their implementation is organized and coordinated by the Compliance Officers in each location of METRO, including METRO Global Solution Center.

Essential components of the Compliance Programme are the eight Business Principles we guide in our day-to-day work. They are the foundation of any business at METRO. Therefore, upon joining METRO Global Solution Center are introduced to and requested to observe the METRO Business Principles. We support them in this by taking actions such as: classroom trainings, e-learning trainings, meetings with Compliance Officer and by our internal dedicated communication.

The Business Principles:

  • We make a strict distinction between personal interests and the interests of the company.
  • We do not offer anyone an advantage that cannot be justified.
  • We do not use our position to our personal advantage.
  • We treat all information related to the company as confidential.
  • We respect the rules of fair competition.
  • We treat everyone as equals.
  • We are a fair employer.
  • We respect all legal provisions and regulations.

Compliance Reporting System

For the purpose of preventing and resolving any kind of misconduct or unfair treatment, we have created at METRO a reporting system to respond to alleged deficiencies. It is available for our employees, clients, suppliers and business partners. We encourage them to speak up whenever they observe an alleged misconduct by using METRO Compliance Reporting System available 24/7. While reporting an alleged Compliance incident, the reporter can also remain anonymous.

METRO Principles on Fair Working Conditions & Social Partnership
METRO Principles on Fair Working Conditions & Social Partnership


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Maria Antoniewska
Maria Antoniewska

Director People & Culture and Continuous Improvement/Compliance Officer, METRO GSC PL

Kamila Tylicka

Compliance Officer Deputy/People & Culture Senior Consultant, METRO GSC PL