Water Sports

Szczecin Marina

23.8% of the city’s area is covered by water, of which 65km2 is Lake Dąbie – the only one in the country where sea yachts can moor. Through the Floating Garden development strategy, the city emphasizes water and green areas, and water sports have become one of the strategic points of development. A tradition of training, along with the old and newly-built marinas ensure appropriate facilities and support.

Kayak routes allow one to discover the Odra delta and to admire the city from the river. Events such as the Tall Ships Races attract the biggest and most famous sailing ships to the city, and Szczecin Bay has the infrastructure and conditions for kite- and windsurfing.

Baja Poland

BAJA Poland

Szczecin is a base of the races that are part of the World Cup in all-terrain rallies. Under communism, the Szczecin area and the current Western Pomeranian region were dotted with terrain belonging to the army, which left wide areas used for military exercises.

This potential has been used and, for example, one part of the rally route is over a former military exercise area near Lake Głębokie. Drivers known from the Dakar race come for the competition, and one section is always down the streets of Szczecin, to the delight of residents.

The Swimming Arena

Floating Arena Pool

Szczecin is known as a city of swimmers who won Olympic medals. In this tradition, it was decided to build a modern Olympic-size (50m) pool. Finished in 2010, the object has been chosen to host the European and Polish swimming championships.

Apart from competitions taking place there, the Floating Arena pool is open for any swimmers. As the most modern sporting centre in the city it enjoys constant popularity.

The Szczecin Tennis Centre

Szczecin Tennis Centre

Szczecin is the host of the oldest and most prestigious professional tennis tournament in the country: Pekao Szczecin Open. This event takes place on the courts of the Szczecin Tennis Centre on Aleja Wojska Polskiego and for years has been attracting spectators from Poland and abroad. The tennis centre is a large complex of covered and open-air courts with appropriate infrastructure and professional coaches.

Szczecin Mountain

Szczecin Mountain

In spite of its location near the sea and far from the mountains, you can also enjoy fun in the snow in Szczecin. In the winter season, Szczecińska Gubałówka opens two well-lit ski slopes with artificial snow, a skating rink and a snowpark built in 2012. In winter and summer there is a wooden hut open, and an open-air grill.

The location of Gubałówka in Arkonski Forest near the picturesque Valley of Seven Mills and horse stables guarantees that that a trip into this region will be an interesting experience.



Finished in 2014, Szczecin’s Sports Hall is given the name of its main sponsor, now it is NETTO Arena. This modern hall is the site of important sporting events, musical events and concerts (such as the Eska Music Awards).

There is also a skating rink open in winter, and a fitness centre operating all year. Szczecin’s basketball team - King Wilki Morskie – play their matches there, as do Chemik Police – a women’s volleyball team - seven times Polish champion and six times Polish Cup winner.

Florian Krygier Stadium

Florian Krygier Stadium

The Florian Krygier stadium in Szczecin is a place for football lovers. It is a stadium playing in the 2014/2015 season in the Premier League team Pogoń Szczecin. This team has been playing in the Polish league since 1948, with traditions and achievements reaching even the Polish runner-up.

When just watching the ball is not enough, you can use the network of small stadiums open to everyone (called Orlik) or rent roofed pitches for training in all weather conditions.

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